Sunday, June 22, 2008

List of Attendees as of June 22, 2008

Generation 1
Robin Schrage and Bill Latham
Gordon and Helen Stevenson
Monica Stevenson and John Freeman
Maria and Tom Holdsworth
Mickey Conner
Maury and Helen Crawford
Jimmy Crawford and Bonnie Akkerman
Ralph and Mary McIntyre
David McIntyre
Ellen McIntyre Heagy and Richard
Marybeth Rubenstein Calvert and David
Martha Rubenstein Burns and Tom
Steve and Pat Rubenstein
Steve and Vida Brausa
Elizabeth Leigh Stevenson Armandroff
Gael Stewart and Nancy Rudy
Sylvia Greer
Sonya Boyer
Johann and Ron Guss

Generation 2
Kathy Schrage
Michael Schrage and Jenn
Karin Schrage Johns and Pete (Noah)
Sara Schrage
Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers
Robbie Stevenson and Beth
John MacLeod and Sarah (Grace, Cayleigh, Caroline)
Kristi MacLeod Althausen and Pete (Svea, Garrett, Angus)
Amy Theruviparampil and Paul
Julie Holdsworth Burwood and Chris
Brian and Lindsey Gore (Jackson, Jeff, Daniel Gore and Anthony Harmond)
Robin Gore, Chris Togni Samantha)
Olivia Armandroff
Melissa Crawford Kennedy and Robert (Olivia)
Amy Crawford
Nick and Holly Crawford (Brian and Trinity)
Elias Akkerman
Sidney and Kirsten Heagy
Lora Boyer Livingston
Ruth Guss
Sue Guss
Nicole Stewart

(Gen 3 are in parentheses above)

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